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  • In graphic design, a drop shadow is one of the ways to illustrate an image in a vivid manner to create an effect in such a way that it creates an illusion as if the same image is floating over its background. Drop shadows when used correctly, can really make a huge difference in the appearance of flat, dull-looking pages. Drop shadows make page objects appear to "stand out" from the rest of the content, and such type of techniques have been employed in print design for ages now, where the shadows are typically designed into the page template directly.
  • The difficulty is the lack of tools availability that you may use to easily call for a drop shadow. So web designers, actually have to design for drop shadows when they are needed. Drop shadows that are depicted on web pages are actually not real shadow, but since they are supposed to simulate real shadows, they appear to be cast from an imaginary light-source somewhere behind the viewer.
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